In The Dark (Room)

Since really getting into photography, and particularly the film side of things, there’s always been that sense that something’s missing. I’ve now collected a lovely group of old film cameras, I’ve shot 35mm and medium format film and developed them at home. But, I’ve then scanned the negatives into a computer and shared my images online. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s that final step that I have always wanted to take, to close the circle, as it were, and complete an analogue process from start to finish.

Recently I was able to do that. At home, in my garage (and much to my wife’s chagrin), I developed my first images last week, working in utter darkness until switching on the light as the paper sat in a water tray and an image stared back at me.

Now, I’m not going to pretend it was any good. Indeed, the lens isn’t the right lens for what I need to do (most of my work is 6x6 medium format, the lens is suited to 35mm). But simply seeing that glossy face, shimmering beneath the water’s surface, was enough to really make me feel quite emotional.

The beauty of this game is there is so much to learn, and there will always be so much to learn. But it’s these little victories, the small successes that make you determined to carry on and improve and make the next print better than the last.

To the point that I am finally close to where I have always wanted to be - close to being able to supply my own prints for sale. Clearly, I’m not there yet. But, stay tuned. Hopefully that is the next stage, whether offering existing, numbered prints, or photographing, developing and printing something special, something handmade and, dare I say, crafted.

To that end, please stay tuned…

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